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My Grandma's of New England

Wholesalers - My Grandma's of New England Wholesale Ordering is now avalable!

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Why order online? Consider the following.

  1. You are able to order at YOUR convenience and not feel the need to interrupt your work day to place an order during our business hours. Take advantage of ordering day or night, weekends or holidays - outside of our normal office operating hours.
  2. You will occasionally receive special offers for savings that you would not otherwise receive.
  3. Receive an automatic 1% discount on all product ordered (discount not applied to shipping costs where applicable).
  4. You will be the first to know about new products or promotions.
  5. You will experience the convenience of checking your order for accuracy in real time and selecting the date you want your order shipped - even well in advance of the requested ship date.
  6. You will have the ability to request advertising signage and cake information price lists along with your product without making an additional phone call.
  7. You may request an order invoice be added and shipped with your order.
  8. You will have the ability to see your past orders and the status of your current orders in real time.
  9. You may pay with a "saved" credit card and you will have the ability to update your current, or add new, payment methods.
  10. You may order using your approved line of credit.
  11. SSL processing makes your order and payment information safe and secure.

If we see any issues with the order you have placed, we will contact you for clarification before releasing the order for baking and shipping.

Email us today at Customer Service to register your wholesale account for online ordering or call 1-888-847-2636 to speak to a customer service representative.

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