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My Grandma's of New England

My Grandma's of New England Coffee Cake

Customer Testimonials

This was the most delicious cake we have ever tasted. I was on a hunt to figure out who in our office baked the cake as it is better than my Granny's recipe and I had to have it. Can you imagine my surprise when I discovered it was a holiday gift from one of our vendors! Whatever you are doing, keep it up because the cake was delicious!

Cherilyn P., KY

My Grandma's Coffee Cake was one of the best gifts my family ever received - absolutely nothing compares to the quality and exceptional taste of these cakes. It is truly an experience, and one that you will want to share. My Grandma's will become a tradition for our family!

Melissa C., CA

I have nothing but raves about your company, couldn't be more pleased. I have been using My Grandma's for more than 5 years and never a complaint. Everything arrives as promised and never had an error. Cakes are moist and many reorders.

Bernadette S., FL

This is the best coffee cake I've ever eaten. Everyone I share it with raves about it. I have given these coffee cakes as Christmas gifts for a few years now and everyone waits enthusiastically for it to arrive. My niece even hid it in her bedroom in hopes of having it all to herself! I also order them to take to parties or meetings as a treat. I can't express how happy I am to have found this wonderful company. Thank you for making our holidays and special occasions so much fun!

Nancy B., NH

Oh my goodness, LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Rhonda K., IL

This was an amazing coffee cake. If you want to impress a client or a friend with a gift, a Grandma's Coffee Cake is a wonderful idea. Companies that produce with quality and great price are hard to come by today.

Francesco C., NY

Absolutely the best tasting coffee cake ever!!!!

Judith G., GA

We received a Grandma's Coffee Cake from a client for Christmas, and I have to say it was the best coffee cake I have ever tasted. Once the wrapper was open there was no chance of it lasting long. My family demolished it in one night...

Lisa D., NC

We received a cake for Christmas and as soon as we bit into it everyone said Oh my God, these are delicious...

Rosemarie C., NY

We received a cranberry coffee cake in the mail over the holidays from some family members. I put it in the freezer to open at a later date. About a day or two after receiving it, I decided to open it and taste it. Oh my goodness. There were no words for what I had just tasted. It was by far the BEST coffee cake I have EVER eaten. I quickly tied the bag back up (so I didn't eat it all in one sitting) and when the rest of the family came home I promptly shared it with them. All three of our little girls couldn't get enough of it, and they are picky about everything they eat. We are now HOOKED and I am looking forward to tasting all of the cakes!!!! Thank you so much for making such a great cake.

Kimberly C., AZ

Oh my gosh, this is the best coffee cake I have ever had. I purchased mine from QVC, Jill Bauer one of the hosts, said it was her favorite and I can see why. Thank you for this GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!

Rhonda B., NC

Went to visit a friend in Tenn after the holidays and she served My Grandma's cake while we were there. I couldn't believe the moisture, flavor and freshness of this coffee cake. I wanted more but didn't want to seem greedy. I am looking for a location in Chicago to purchase my own cake so I can have it all for myself and a couple on hand when guests come over. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

Christine A., IN

OH MY GOODNESS! I am not a big fan of coffee cake and never have been. My husband received this as a gift and I tried it thinking it was going to be another boring coffee cake. my surprise, it is the best tasting "cake" I have ever tasted, and I am a lover of chocolate, but not anymore! I plan to enter myself in the cake of the month club for Christmas and take the pressure off my husband of what to buy me. Thank you for converting me to coffee cake, I have a feeling it is the only cake I will want from now on...

Mary Ellen H., MA

A 5 letter word for de-li-cious - "YUMMY"!

Carla A., IL

I have been ordering cakes for a number of years, if that is any indication. We use some of them for corporate gifts and our customers ask where to get them or make coy in asking if they will be getting another cake this year. That speaks volumes. We did good and so did Grandma's!

Bonnie K., WI

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