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My Grandma's of New England

Our Small Granny Smith Apple Coffee Cake

The only word to describe this cake is luscious!
Our Small Granny Smith Apple Coffee Cake

After adding a layer of fresh Granny Smith apples in the middle and on top of our Cinnamon Walnut cake, we slow bake this cake to gently caramelize the apples. Great served cold and even better served hot when griddled like a grilled cheese sandwich with ice cream on the side!

Take your order to the next level and put your cake in one of our decorative tins or personalized tin.

Our original recipe is baked with walnuts and is certified Kosher.
Our cake has a two week shelf life and one year in the freezer.

SMALL 8" and 1.75 lbs, 10 to 14 servings.
LARGE 10" and 3.1 lbs, 20 to 26 servings.
PRESLICED 10" only and 3.1 lbs, 16 equally sliced servings.

*NOTE: If your order contains (a) presliced cake(s), your order will ship one BUSINESS day later than the expected ship date indicated on your order.

To send cakes to different addresses, add cake(s) for each address individually, and you will be able to designate the different shipping addresses in the shopping cart.


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